Winter to autumn coloration shiny hair

Winter to autumn coloration shiny hair. Nothing like the arrival of autumn to change your look: the cold season is an excellent opportunity to add a touch of color, and why not heat-hair. Naturalness is the watchword for this season: from a wide range of hues, the tendency is to choose the best color to wear with your skin and your eyes, and your own style.

Winter to autumn coloration shiny hair

For this autumn / winter are very fashionable colors red, very sexy and provocative, are used from the purest reds to more sober variants but no less vibrant as mahogany and copper.

If bright colors are not for you, an excellent option is brown. Choose these colors has many advantages: they are suitable for almost all skin tones, but are also easy to maintain, do not fade as much as the red-and soften facial features.

Other fashionable colors are black, especially if it is bluish or reddish, but you must choose only if your skin is flawless, and very light blond with warm touches such as pearl beige and honey blond.

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